Have you ever passed by Bahria University on Dalmia road?

No? Yes?

Bahria University
Bahria University Karachi

Either way, we are giving you a reason to opt for an inside tour of Bahria University as the Media Department of Bahria University is bringing you to the biggest FILM FESTIVAL of the year.

Untold Story of Parsi Community in Pakistan

Bahria University Short Film festival

You can get ready for an action-packed entertainment evening for just 300 Rs. Here’s what nobody told you about Bahria University Short Film Festival.

FACT # 1: Screening of films that will blow your mind

With film submissions from a diverse range of geography, you can expect amazing storylines and out-of-the-box direction and production. If you are a budding film-maker, you don’t want to miss so much insight!!

Bahria university

FACT # 2:  A night of ‘Celebrity’ selfies

There is a high chance that you might cross-path with leading film-makers, producers and directors of the country at the event, so come prepared with your selfie stick as you might get a selfie.

Who wouldn’t want a celebrity selfie for their Instagram and Snapchat?

A memorial day of Graduate Student – SMIU Convocation

Bahria University Karachi


FACT # 3: Appreciation in cash

Who doesn’t love appreciation? That too in cash !!

Discover the feeling of winning and receiving cash from leading directors of the country right here at Bahria University Short Film Festival.

Cash prizes worth Rs. 25,000 are waiting for you in the vault!! Who knows this could be your first step to the ladder of success and stardom

Bahria University

FACT # 4: Escape from Karachi’s chilly cold winds

How about an indoor entertainment in this weather?

We have brought the perfect combination of entertainment and encouragement inside a cosy environment for you where the chilly, cold winds of Karachi won’t bother you.

There’s a high chance your family and friends won’t ditch you for such an amazing indoor entertainment, so you should start convincing them today!!

China Port – No More New Destination To Hangout

Bahria University

FACT # 5: Satisfying food cravings- we have solution for all your food fantasies

Name it and have it. Your favourite fast food, Chinese, Italian brands will be there to cater to your winter night cravings with smoking hot soups, Pizzas, Coffee, and desi delicacies. You would need energy reboosts from time to time. Trust us, your friends won’t say no to a place where all of Karachi’s famous food is gathered.

Bahria University

FACT # 6: Non-stop music “please don’t stop the music…”

Who doesn’t like an after-party? After the film fest., there is a qawalli performance too !!! Cold winters and a night full of soulful music. Entertainment under one roof in a single ticket!

We guarantee you an action-packed night to end the year with!

Glimpses from the Spring Fling of Gymboree!

Bahria University

Contributed by:  Sidra Khan


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