We live in an era where we like to interact with people digitally, rather than doing in-person interaction. The reason behind is tough to manage time from a busy schedule. So we often prefer to connect via social media but still, there’s a force of attraction which appeals to friends for the face-to-face meetup.

Explore the Breathtaking View of Gorakh Hill

Meetup with CEJ IBA Colleagues

Last week I planned a meetup with my CEJ buddies. It was an open invitation for all CEJ colleagues but the majority of them were busy in their jobs and own businesses. So, only a few of them could join us.


Sindh cafe Karachi

It was Friday when we gathered at CEJ-IBA and from there we went to Sindh Café for having lunch. As it was a part of our plan so we didn’t have anything since morning except chai (tea).


Once we reached there, then we ordered Biryani, Pulao, Daal Makhni and Beh Sabzi (veg) with Raita and Rotis. After having lunch we recalled our best memories that we made at CEJ during our short course of Basics of Reporting. It was mandatory to have chai while sharing those beautiful moments, so we had Gurr wali (solid brown sugar), Chai. After that, we went into the National Museum of Pakistan to explore ancient beauty.

Karachi – Beauty of Modern Architecture in Dark!


It was a golden hour when we returned back to the Café and now the ambience was amazing. A musician sitting at the corner was playing folk music with his traditional musical instrument. And this time we enjoyed our chai in the awe-inspiring atmosphere.

JS Bank – Step forward for Climate Change


Well after having all of these, how can we forget mandatory group picture. Though we were taking selfies on and off throughout this meet-up, but the final picture was something that shouldn’t be missed. After that, it was a call for the final goodbye, until we plan for another meetup in the coming future.



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