A journey that started from Orientation, come to end on Convocation.

In the 4 years journey of the university, many ups and downs came, which made it a roller coaster ride of life. Remembered the first day at the university? That face, looking for a classroom, reaching before time, nervous and excited at the same time, and tension of ragging as well. Hope you do, these are few of the things that almost every student face on the first day of their university.

Giving introduction in front of all class, and thinking what impression I left behind, reminds the very first day of university. A room was full of students who were Extrovert, Introverts and Ambivert from different backgrounds. They made perception on the basis of dressing, gestures, postures and way of talking, which later appeared to be false. Well, same things continue happening, until and unless they don’t actually interact with each other.

Selfies are the only thing that starts with the one friend and later convert into a group of friends or a couple. A historic fountain of the university was one of the favourite selfie-spot for most of the students. Interacting with seniors was quite difficult but was also exciting at the same time.

SMIU Convocation
SMIU Convocation

So, that’s how this journey officially accelerated. In the journey of four years, three festivals, national and international trips, Ambassador Program, and many high-profile visits amongst many other happenings took place in the university.

SMIU Convocation Day

After the completion of two years; time ran so fast. Years changed into months, and months changed into weeks and weeks changed into days. And then, finally, a day come which is called Convocation Day

 SMIU Convocation

Tears of happiness, a smile on faces, aims in hearts, many dreams, and of course phones in hands for selfies. These things directly reflect the student, who spent 4 years of his/her life to an institute from where he/she is officially graduating now. A big day; not only for students but also for parents, guardians and teachers as well. On SMIU Convocation day, students wore a gown and cap with an aim to fly it at the end of the ceremony.

Glimpses from the Spring Fling of Gymboree!

On one side, students were happy to receive their degrees. So, on the flip side, parents were also happy to see their offspring receiving the degree. Almost every student introduced friends, colleagues and teachers to their parents.


Students who were awarded gold and silver medals were the ones who scored the highest and second highest CGPA in their academic journey. They made their parents more proud of being the one from their classes.

SMIU Convocation
SMIU Convocation

All the fights, misunderstandings, disappointments, jealousy and ego came to end, after receiving a degree and everyone wished a successful career and better future to each other.

Vlog on SMIU Convocation Day



  1. heermano34 Reply

    So glad seeing this. Congratulations!!! Wishing you mire success!!!

  2. Nimrah khan Reply

    I love this piece, u literally brought me to the initial days of uni life 😭

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