Interacting with people from different background is one of the best things that I love to do. So, I travel here and there to create memories with new people. Since its now a part of blood. So I decided to continue my travel journey which actually started in 2018.


A Trip to Jamshoro

It was Sunday noon when my friend texted me,

Friend:                  Are you free tomorrow?

Me:                       Yes… but what’s the scene?

He responded we have to go for a meeting at Jamshoro, and we will leave at 9 am from Karachi.

A Trip to Jamshoro

So, that’s how the first-ever short trip of 2019 officially kicked off. Waking up early in the morning taking shower and then moving at a friend’s place via bike, isn’t an easy job for a Karachite. Especially when cold winds of winter are ruling the city. Well, finally I reached 8 am then we went for breakfast and at the 9’o clock, we accelerated the car to leave the city.

A Trip to Jamshoro

It was half-past 11 when we reached Jamshoro. From there we went to the University of Art and Culture for the purpose of a meeting and had hi-tea there. After that, we called one of our friend for a meetup. Once we had done with the meetup, we visited the Arts department of the University of Sindh, in Jamshoro.

A Trip to Jamshoro

The moment we entered into the university, it made us shocked. The tsunami of talented students who were busy in their artwork and buses with full students inside the university, which were ready to bring back students to their homes. We also interacted few of the students there, and the way they communicated and described the beauty of university was unexpectedly so impressive.

After that, we went back to the UAC and had lunch there. Then after we spend some time at friend’s home and after having sham ki Chai (evening tea), we officially left for Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, we spend some time at our mate’s studio. After that, we speed up our car for coming back to the city of lights.

A Trip to Jamshoro

Though it was a very short trip but interacting locals, hospitality, productive discussion and the successful meeting made this journey remarkable.



  1. Wow, that building is amazing and the art too. Unfortunately, I can’t travel much at the moment so blogs like yours let me travel virtually and I appreciate that! 🙋🐝

  2. I’ve never went to Jamshoro, but it sounds like a really interesting place. I’ve never heard of it but I would love to visit it.

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