In a world of digital media, we have forgotten to connect with nature. We have become so busy in our routine life and have no time to explore, to connect, and to understand the beauty of nature.


Well, finally we devote some time to come to a step closer to nature. We decided to say goodbye to our gadgets for few hours so we can focus and connect with nature. We joined the program MAX by School of Leadership, which held on sunny Saturday at Turtle Beach, Karachi. The program attracted youth aged 20 – 30. So, they can relax from the hectic schedule of their busy lives.


The best thing about the event was that it was being led by the very interactive and motivational trainers namely Umair Jaliawala and Waqar Ali. The purpose of the program was to starch life, come out from the comfort zone, capacity building, teamwork, connect to nature, and to live hundred percent.



The event officially started with the introductory session of Waqar Ali and warm-up activities to break invisible bearers. As all were new to each other. So it’s important to know first, so the trainer divided individuals into the group. All the individuals were in teams now.

An exciting underwater journey with PALS

Once the team were made, it’s time for activities. So, the first activity was “The Great Box”, in this all the team members have to jump into the box. The team that completes it in less time will be the winner. In this game, our team won the third position.  After this, Umair Jaliawala interacted with all the participants and shared his thoughts regarding life, and nature. He also advised the participants to read books, at least for 15 minutes a day.


After that, there were three activities waiting for us; namely bucket challenge, plank game and group skipping.  Everyone gave their best, but in the end, only one team had to win. Well, in the end, the mission of the journey accomplished. Since morning, no one knew each other but in the evening they found new friends with many beautiful and exciting memories.

Picture Source: SOL Facebook Page

MAX School Of Leadership Vlog



  1. heermano34 Reply

    It’s so amazing!!! Events like this much needed. Impressive!!!!

  2. Aslam Shah, Reporter as Daily Times Karachi Reply

    Very exciting work and job

  3. Dua Khalid Reply

    Wow beautiful 😭you guys had so much fun
    It’s Amazing😍

  4. It was really unforgettable day and gave us extra strech in one day😊

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