In an era of digitalization, everything has become digital. There was a time when people used to spend a lot of time on shopping and used to carry heavy accessories with them, but now no more. The reason is people have adopted all of the latest technology which has decreased so many risks. They also have become fast and love to do their chores in seconds.

Almost majority of the people have their own credit/debit card. Have you ever imagined that here you do shopping from your card and there you get back money in the form of coins? I guess we have never imagined this, but now its reality.

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ARY Sahulat Wallet Card

Yes, ARY Sahulat Wallet Card has turned imagination into reality. ARY Sahulat Wallet is a Shopping Wallet/Top-up Loyalty Card, which provides an amazing discount on every purchase. The key purpose of Sahulat Wallet is to attract more customers as members. So, they will be able to get value back in the form of coins at every purchase.

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Recently, ARY arranged a Bloggers meet-up event at Pizza Point to give the briefing about the card. An event was attended by selected bloggers of K-Town. In the event, they briefed about the benefits and how to use this card.


Basically, ARY Sahulat Wallet Card has two categories of member i.e. cardholder and e-Sahulat (mobile). Anyone can be the cardholder simply by registering themselves from any of the ARY Sahulat Wallet outlet and Alliance. They can also register themselves for an e-Sahulat wallet by registering from web or app. By registering for this card you can also get access to one of the biggest game show “Jeeto Pakistan”.

Sharing few of the major alliances of ARY Sahulat Wallet Card; namely KFC, Pizza Hut, Samsung, Amna Ismail, Khas, Pizza Point,, Mirchi 360, Oppo and WB by Hemani among others.

The above-mentioned names are the very few from a long list which you can see on the website (

So, what are you waiting for? Everything is here from food to clothing, mobile phones to accessories and so on. Register now, simply by clicking the above-shared link.


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