Karachi is the city of lights and Karachites are the people who know how to make the moment memorable. Be it music, concert, events, festivals and so on, the citizens attend the all with full of zeal and enthusiasm. Recently, a food festival named Bites and Vibes was organized by foodPanda on Sunday, 18th February, at the Pavilion End Club, Karachi.

Karachi Eat – Few hours to go! “Don’t Speak, Just Eat”

Bites and Vibes
Bites and Vibes

Bites and Vibes Foodpanda

After the success of first round of bites and vibes in different cities of Pakistan, it was the second round that was held in the city of lights. As we know Karachites are famous for food and music and this event had both elements.

So many people with their friends and families attended the event and made this second volume successful. From chicken tikkas to burgers, sushi to pizzas, drinks to juices, teas to coffees, ice creams to kulfis; each and everything was there to energize your taste buds.

Bites and Vibes

I tried Balochi tikka by Arabi’s, and the crunchy fries by Potadoes. These both dishes made my day. The hot and spicy tikka with the green sauce was simply love. On the other hand, the crunchy fries with mayo garlic sauce was the yummiest. After some Khapa the tea was mandatory, so I tried hot chocolate tea, and it levelled my tasted buds.

Bites and Vibes
Bites and Vibes

Loaded fries and chicken fillet burger of Hardees

Well, an event without music concert is considered as incomplete for Karachiites. So, there was a LIVE performance as well. Yes, Natasha Baig came on the stage and tried her level best to energize the crowd, and she succeeded in doing that. Her energetic performance made the crowd dance, shout, and cheer up. By the way, the concert was also mandatory for digestion of food and the perfect ending of the weekend.

Foodies – Don’t go anywhere because its time for TAO!

Bites and Vibes
Bites and Vibes

Video on Bites and Vibes Karachi



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