What if your mobile signals disappear and you can no more access 3G/4G internet?

It seems shocking but you might face this. If the government wouldn’t renew the license of telecom operators. Basically, the license is required to be renewed after a certain period of time. It’s a worldwide policy which applies to every country. Similarly, in Pakistan, the license of the telecom operators is about to hit the expiry date. The renewal policy has already been delayed by the government for a year.

Telecom Operators

Telecom Operators in Pakistan

Now, the tension is increasing with every passing day. It’s a very serious problem which mobile operators are facing nowadays. The telecom industry plays a vital role in the economy of Pakistan. They have created many job opportunities for the youth of the country. From foreign direct investment (FDI) in billions of dollars have already provided a boost to the economy of Pakistan. Unfortunately, this all might be stopped. If no serious consideration would be shown to the renewal license policy.

Telecom Operators

Telecom industry has unveiled that they are supposed to pay the renewal fee in US Dollars. While their revenue is in Pakistani rupee but due to the devaluation of Pakistani currency, the fee is undoubtedly so high. It’s almost impossible to pay the fee in dollars. So, they have requested to the Pakistani government that they should consider the use of Pakistani currency as renewal fees than paying in dollars.

Green Signal from Govt for License Renewal Policy

Telecom Operators

Digital Pakistan

The government is focusing on Digital Pakistan. To achieve this goal everything needs to be digitalized. It’s almost impossible to achieve this objective if the license policy wouldn’t be renewed.

Telecom Operators

Youth is earning from social media platforms, blogging and other social networking sites. 3G/4G has been their basic need. In fact, many agencies are achieving their digital goals because of the internet, which they can access at almost every corner of Pakistan.

  • What if they stop getting network?
  • What if they stop getting internet?

Telecom Operators

Their digital journey will be stopped. Their source of income from the internet will also be gone. Since the government should show some seriousness and cooperate with telecom operators to resolve this issue as soon as possible.