Travelling is an addiction, once you travel somewhere then you plan for the next trip as soon as possible. The year is about to end, I’m so glad that I travelled to my favourite places and new spots. The year started with a short trip to Jamshoro in Sindh. While it’s ending with Gorakh Hill tour. Meanwhile, I travelled Lahore, Karoonjhar and of course Balochistan. Though I couldn’t make any tour of Northside, but I’m pleased to explore the Southside of Pakistan.

Gorakh Hills
Gorakh Hills

Gorakh Hill Tour

It was a plan which was being discussed for the past three months but finally Gorakh tour executed on 13th of December, 2019. I along with my two friends booked a coach ticket from Karachi at 12.30 am midnight on Friday, and we reached at Dadu on Saturday at 6.30 am early in the morning. After that, we had breakfast there and for now, the sun officially rose. It was fine-looking to see the beauty of sunlight crossing the fog at Dadu Sindh.

Gorakh Hill
Dadu Sindh

It was 9 am when we booked a local minibus for Wahi Pandhi because from now onward we were required 4×4 jeep to reach the top of Gorakh Hills.

Gorakh Hill

Things to carry for Gorakh Hills Tour

Lemme share the list of things that you should carry with you for Gorakh hill tour

  • Gloves
  • Muffler/Shawl
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Water Bottles
  • Flash Lights
  • Medicine (Cold, Flu, Vomit, Stomach)/First Aid
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Mospel

Gorakh Hill Distance from Karachi

The distance of Gorakh hill from Karachi is approximately 9 hours. As it took 6 hours to reach Dadu city. Add 1 more hour to travel at Wahi Pandhi. From that point, we used the jeep to reach Gorakh hills station which took around 2 to 2.5 hours.

Gorakh Hills in Pakistan

Yes, finally we reached at Gorakh hills in Pakistan. It was like wow moment to see clean and ravishing blue sky and the view from that point.

Wait, was it easy to reach at this point?

The answer is clearly NO!

From Wahi Pandhi – the place from where we booked 4×4 jeep – to Gorakh hills, it was damn risky and dangerous because of the mountainous area. Plus no other vehicle can go there except 4×4 jeep. If someone tries to do, so they can do on own risk.

Gorakh Hill Station

We heard that many people start vomiting during this drive, they feel low and so on, but in our case, it was opposite. We enjoyed this adventurous trip fullest. On the way to top of a hill station, we stopped jeep at 35 Point to cool it down and to give relief to the engine. So, we stayed there for 15-25 minutes to get fresh and off course to snap clicks. Now, it was time for a more thrilling and exciting ride to reach at the peak of Gorakh. Yes, here we reached our desired destination. It was a pleasing moment to see camps, huts, resorts at Gorakh Hills Station.

Gorakh Hills Hotel

Though there are huts, resorts and hotels but the majority of people prefer to book a camp there. As the camp has its own charm, sharing it with 4 friends in total help you make new memories. For couples and families, separate camps are available. While all the basic facilities are also available there.

Gorakh Hills
Gorakh Hills

Gorakh Hill Benazir Point

After getting fresh and having lunch, it was a time to admire the beauty of nature. All the people rush towards the peak of Gorakh hills. This time people did hiking instead of using a jeep. On our way, we stopped at Bagh e Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Park for few minutes. After taking clicks we continued back our hiking to reach Benazir Point which is also known as Zero Point (peak of hill station).

Gorakh Hills Pics

A trip is incomplete without shots and video. So yes, we did it. After reaching at the peak I became paralyzed to see the gorgeousness of nature. I stayed the same until and unless my friend pinched to bring me back on earth. It was heart ravishing moment because on one side it was a gorgeous sunset. While on the flip side, the clouds were like a waterfall. The breathtaking view from the Zero Point is going to be stayed into my mind for so long. Lemme share Gorakh pics so you can witness the fascinating view of nature via pictures.

Gorakh Hills Weather

Winter is beauty, travelling at the hilly area in this season is more challenging and of course more adventurous. That’s why I and my friends decided to travel in this season. At our time, the Gorakh hills weather was between 5’C to 15’C. While the snowfall has also been recorded there when the temperature hits 0’C.

Gorakh Hills
Gorakh Hills

Gorakh Hills Height

Well, after reaching at the height of the hill station, which was around 5,689 feet high from the sea level. We returned to our camps where we have to stay for a night.

Gorakh Hills
Gorakh Hills

Gorakh Hill Festival

It’s time for the festival of Gorakh. As sunset was already captured dinner was done. It’s time for a bonfire, musical performance and of course stargazing. But wait, due to foggy weather stars disappeared before they appeared. Well, no problem at all. There were still so many activities to do. We gathered and interacted with people from other agencies ask their experience and we made a circle for a bonfire. While the musical performance was also going on, which ended on Dhamaal.

Gorakh Hill
Gorakh Festive

That’s all from Gorakh trip, now it’s time to come back to Karachi. It was around 10 am on Sunday when we set back to our jeep to come down from the mountain. Once we reached back to Wahi Pandhi, we booked a local bus for Dadu and from there we went to Sehwan Sharif for the shrine of Lal Shabaz Qalandar. After having lunch there and roaming around the city, we booked a coach for Karachi and returned back at 1.30 am-midnight.



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