It’s a dream to join the most prestigious organization in Pakistan. Be it Pak Army, Pak Navy, or Pakistan Air Force, every kid wants to serve back to their country by joining any of this field. Whatever you choose, you have to go through the Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB) test.


ISSB Pakistan Requirements

Pak Army, Pak Air Force, or Pak Navy; whatever you choose, there is only one way to enter i.e., Inter Service Selection Board. I’m going to share ISSB Pakistan requirements for joining Pak Navy. As I applied for this, so I can share my experience and of course requirements.

Join Pak Navy

If you wanna join Pak Navy, then what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re an intermediate student, BS, BSc, or MS. you can go for it. Make sure you’re fulfilling the criteria. Intermediate candidates can apply for PMA Long Course. While Bachelors or above can go for SSC (Short Service Commission) course.

PMA Long course age limit: 17 – 24

SSC age limit: 20 – 35

You can apply online. Here’s the link


Navy Jobs

I was at my friend’s café, where he shared that there are vacancies at Pakistan Navy; you should apply for Navy Jobs. I was like okay, I’ll see. On next day, I opened a website, and I found Public Relation (Special Branch). It hooked my attention, without wasting a second, I started filling an online form.

What next?

I downloaded a copy of my form to see the test date.



ISSB Initial Test

It was Tuesday when I’ve to go for an ISSB Initial test. My test was held at PNR&SC Lucky Star Saddar, Karachi. When I entered into the centre, there was a long queue of candidates. Well, after showing documents and a copy of e-form, they allowed me to enter into the centre. After waiting for 3 hours, finally, a group of 25 students, including me, came into the examination room. We were allocated computers because it was an online MCQs based test with a timer. Well, after completing it, I moved back to home. Now, I’ve to wait for the result.

After few weeks, I received a call for an interview and medical test. means I’ve cleared the first step i.e., Initial test.

Likewise, I cleared my 2nd and 3rd step of ISSB. As an Initial interview and medical tests were already cleared. Now, I’ve to wait for the ISSB Call letter.


ISSB Call Letter

Here comes time for ISSB Call latter, but it wasn’t as easy as it seems. Before receiving a call, I had to show all the original documents during form submission. It was the second form after online form of the initial test. It was a bit complicated with many requirements. I’d only one day to not only fill the form but also to attest it from any government officer. Well, after this all, I finally submitted my form on the next day. Later on, I’ve to wait for a call letter, which took 3 months approximately.


ISSB Test Preparation

Before I talk about ISSB Test preparation, let me add here one thing. A journey that started from an online form had become a passion now. My dedication and motivation touched the peak to join Pak Navy as Public Relation Officer. So, without wasting time, I started preparing for the ISSB test.

Though online stuff is enough for preparation but if you looking for more content, then I’d recommend Dogar Book. It’s a complete guide for the ISSB test. It will tell everything from basic to advance. I’m not going to recommend this book because it’ll create an artificial layer on your persona. It isn’t going to be tolerated, and you’ll be caught during the interview. So, better to go for online. And only focus on those things which don’t reshape your personality.


ISSB Guide

One of my friends, who has been appeared in ISSB, became my guide. He shared his knowledge, experience, and observations, which helped me a lot in doing the training there.

Likewise, I’m going to share basic things for your guidance and test preparation.

  • Motivation is the key
  • Don’t fake your persona
  • Be Real
  • Be Honest
  • Don’t Lie

The above mentioned are the basic but very important for ISSB training. There will be two interviews during the training.

  1. Deputy Interview
  2. Psyche Interview
  3. GTO

From the day you submitted your form to the interview day. What you’ve written, what you wrote in the form, and what you’re saying in an interview. They will cross-check each and everything. If a single thing looked suspicious, you’d be out. So, be careful and be real. You don’t even think to cheat by telling a lie. They are more experienced and great observers than us.

ISSB Preparation

Here, I’m sharing things, which will help you to get prepared for the ISSB test.

  • General Knowledge
  • Pakistan Affairs
  • Essay writing
  • Picture Story
  • Physical Exercises
  • Mechanical Aptitude Test

These are the areas on which you need to work for ISSB preparation.

Mechanical Aptitude Test

Mechanical Aptitude Test is an assessment test for evaluating knowledge and mechanical understanding. It is being considered as a fundamental need for the selection process in the military.

Let me add one thing, there’s a negative marking for this test, but you don’t need to worry. You’ll be smart enough after going through online material. It’s about logic and science. It might seem hard, but it isn’t as tough as we have imagined.


Picture Story

A picture will be shown on the projector for 30 seconds after that time will be started. After that, you’ve to narrate a story based on that picture. 4 pictures will be shown in total, you’ll be given 5 minutes for each photo, to write a picture story.


Word Association Test

It’s a time game. You’ll be given 10 seconds to write a sentence against a word that would be shown the projector. There’d be 150 words in total. Here’s an advice, if you aren’t getting a word or finding it challenging to write a sentence, then better to skip and move on. Rather than wasting time on a particular word, which is no longer on screen.


Screen Out Test

Whether you call it to screen out test or screening test, it’s the same thing. It takes place on the second day of your ISSB training. It’s a day of writing; you write, write, and only write. Be it essay writing, word association test, picture story or mechanical aptitude test. You’ve to complete tasks in a given time. 

ISSB Malir

Yes, it’s time to share the remarkable and unforgettable experience of my life. It was 5 days of training at ISSB. Before I talk about my experience, let me share one thing. Being Media Blogger, Social Media enthusiast; I couldn’t even imagine living a life without my device. But yes, I did it. After reaching at the centre, we were asked to submit our phones. It means no device for the next 4 days. Well, I did it, I survived without using a mobile.

It was Tuesday when we reached at ISSB Malir centre. After that, we’re asked to remove the plastic coatings of all our original documents for verification. It took too long. We were 110 candidates, who reached here after clearing all steps. After that, we filled 3 forms, and then we had a picture for NADRA verification. And then finally, they allocated chest numbers. These numbers were our only identity there.



On next day, our journey kicked started. It was the first day there, and it was a day of writing. Writing, writing, and only writing. Think, act, and write. It was a screening test. After this, the journey of 10 candidates came to an end. As they couldn’t clear the screen out test. That’s how our Wednesday ended with 100 candidates in total.

It was GTO (Group Task officer) day 01, a day on which we’d to do physical training. On the same day, our Deputy Officer Interview was also conducted. GTO divided us into groups and assigned new chest numbers. After that, he took our group into his office, where we had few activities like group discussion, 2 mint talk on a topic given by GTO. Afterwards, it was time for our outdoor training. We were further divided into groups to perform group tasks. That’s how our 3rd day comes to an end.

Friday, GTO day 02. It was a day of individual obstacles and commanding task along with the second interview of Psyche. Well, here I’m sharing one thing that I’ve never been to sports, nor I’m gym buddy. It was hard for me to complete max obstacles in 2 minutes. I thought that it’d be a great pleasure if I could finish at least one, but luckily I ended with 4 obstacles in a given in given time LOL.

The third interview, which was conducted by GTO. It took place on GTO Day and Day 02 during the tasks that we were performing. After all three interviews, it was time to say goodbye.

Day 05, it was a goodbye day, and we left the ISSB camp with unforgettable memories.


Meeting with different candidates from all over Pakistan. Waking up at 6.30 am, breakfast at 7.30 am, lunch at 1.30 pm, hi-tea at 4.30 pm, dinner at 7.30 pm and sleep call at 10 pm. What a lifestyle it was. I never imagined it, but I enjoyed this disciplinary lifestyle.

ISSB Result

The result was expected to be announced after 24 hours of leaving the centre. It was Sunday morning, I was motivated and hopeful of getting selected, but after checking online. I became shocked to see “Not Recommended.” Within few hours, I coped up and returned into my life.


Recommended or Not Recommended is a part of the game. The best thing is spending 5 days at ISSB camp became a new beam of light into my life and personality. Things I’ve learned from there are going to be with me for the rest of my life.



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