We live in a country that has forgotten its identity because of too much influence of western culture, and we feel proud to adopt the western culture, instead of adopting our own traditional culture that has a long history. In fact, we feel shame in adopting our culture. If we see the history so how beautiful and vast our culture was, and Mughal culture is one of those. Indeed the Mughal era was the golden era of the subcontinent, their culture, traditions, customs, and so on. Each and everything was royal.

Mughal Fashion
Mughal Fashion

Pakistan Fashion Industry is playing a major role in destroying norms and customs of the society by continue promoting Western Culture in society. Just because of it, the society has started adopting western culture and has forgotten their own golden culture. And unfortunately, media is playing a major role in promoting instead of stopping it.

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Mughal Fashion
Mughal Fashion

To highlight this issue Kamran Javaid (famous for organizing Karachi Advertising Festival, Karachi Short Film Festival, and Motivational campaign IQbalance) took a stand to promote Mughal Culture at the opening ceremony of IQbalance season 3. The event took place at Park Towers, Karachi. It was divided into 2 parts in which the first part was the opening ceremony of IQbalance season 3, while the second part was Mughalia Ramp Walk with the name “Mughalia Tarz-e-Ishq”

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Mughal Fashion
Mughal Fashion

The aim of the event was to promote not only Mughal culture but also new talent including Designers, Models, Make-up artists, etc. Plus, it was also the trainer launching ceremony (TLC) so in the first part of the event, trainers were introduced in TLC, while in the second part Mughlia Tarz-e-Ishq took place.

The event was attended by bloggers, photographers, press, media, and socialites among others. Although the TLC couldn’t bring the attention of attendees but the Mughlia Tarz-e-Ishq capture the hearts of the audience, and in between the performance of very talented singer Syed Hassaan was trying to keep the energy level high. Although he’s new in the industry but his voice will soon make him the popular singer in the field of the music industry.

Mughal Fashion Ramp walk was divided into 3 parts. In the first part story of Salim/Anarkali and Jahangir/Noor Jahan, in second part Nawabi culture and Umra-o-Jahan, while in the third part story of Joda Akbar was shown with ramp walk of models.

While talking about the Mughal Fashion event Kamran Javaid said,

In our industry, we’re promoting western culture. So, someone has to take a stand to promote Eastern culture, and I tried my best to introduce Mughia Tarz-e-Ishq for promotion of eastern culture.

Arif Dawood (Director of the Mughlia Tarz-e-Ishq) revealed,

The aim of the show is not only providing entertainment but also providing a platform to all those designers who don’t get a chance to showcase their collection on renowned platforms.

It is such a great step by Mr Kamran Javiad to promote eastern culture, and we should highly appreciate his efforts. This kind of shows should be held in each city of Pakistan, and the media should give it good coverage for the betterment of society.

Pictures from Mughal Fashion event


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