Ramadan is a month of blessings, and the TV channels are trying their best to spread blessings in terms of happiness.

Game Shows in Pakistan

There are many game shows in Pakistan that are doing great and spreading happiness by distributing giveaways, prizes, mega prizes such as motorcycles, cars, plots, houses, and so on, among audiences through very easy games, questions and activities.

Game Show

Geo TV is one of the channels among those, and it’s game show “Geo Khelo Pakistan” is trying their best to not only capture the hearts of the audience but also the viewers by spreading blessings as much as possible.

Game Show
Game Show

Geo Khelo Pakistan

Geo Khelo Pakistan (GKP) is gaining popularity after each of its transmission. Because the show is being hosted by 2 living legends none other than Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar, both are very big names of Pakistan in terms of cricket.

The combination of both hosts Wasim and Shoaib is simply love. Because if Shoaib is energetic so the decent talk of Wasim made the show perfect.

On the 6th day of Geo TV’s game show GKP, Ushna Shah became the guest of the day. The charming and the multitalented actress with the combo of Wasim and Shoaib added more entertainment in the show.

The Sahir Lodhi Show – Spreading Happiness!

Game Show
Game Show

The audience became crazy to find her among them, and she also helped so many participants in different activities to win prizes. There were so many games for youth, aunties, uncles, families, and couples. Drink for the bike, Male in Saree, throw the ball, turn of fortune were the few games among many, while the lucky draw was being held again and again so that the lucky winner could get so many prizes.

In the last segment namely “Dhak Dhak Crore” was the segment when not only the heartbeat of participants became fast but also the entire audience passing through the same phase. Afterwards, it was a game to win 1 crore rupees. But unfortunately, not even a single participant could win 1 crore, but then they were offered to play card game so that they can win a car, and yes this time they did it.

It’s not about Geo TV or other TV channels, it’s all about the feelings of the public, who comes with so many hopes. And this kind of game shows should be appreciated instead of criticizing. In the era of hatred and jealousy, these are the only shows that are spreading happiness among the public.

Game Show Pictures

Here, I’m sharing few pictures from day 6 of Geo Khelo Pakistan game show. All clicks have been officially captured by team Geo



  1. Talha Siddiqui Reply

    A way generalized and all in one aspect of view of this show.

  2. Imran Ranjani Reply

    These all transmissions should be banned in month of ramzan after ramzan they can do these transmissions why in the month of Ramzan they all do such activities I totally disagree with these type of thoughts .

  3. Indeed it’s a hope for public which is in pursuit of happiness and joy through entertainment, fun and winning the prizes!

  4. Nimra Sheikh Reply

    Indeed, we should appreciate instead of criticizing. Love this blog post, very well written. Keep it up!

  5. I’m very big fan of Wasim Akram. The way u hv share ur thoughts is really amazing. N also tell me how to get passes of show….

  6. Ravi Kumar Reply

    Very nice, entertaining, and informative. Sagar Bhaiya 🙂

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