It’s not a game of TRPs, it’s a game of happiness. In the holy month of Ramadan, spreading happiness should be the first duty of every individual, owner of a company, media, and so on.

Sahir Lodhi Show

Among so many TV channels that are trying their best to spread happiness in the month of blessings, TV One is one of them. Since the start of Ramadan, TV One has broadcasted its Ramadan Transmission with the name “Ishq Ramazan” which has successfully captured the hearts of many audiences, and Sahir Lodhi Show is one of the parts of this Ramadan transmission.

I was recently invited by TV One to cover their game show Sahir Lodhi Show. The show started with the Dabangg entry of Sahir Lodhi, then he invited captains (guests) on stage to introduce them. The captains of the day were Waji and Wali.

There were so many giveaways, big prizes including cars, bikes among many others, and most important there were so many Umrah tickets to distribute among the audience, and this Ramadan Transmission is the only transmission of Pakistan that distributes more than 50 Umrah tickets every day.

Spread Happiness through Game Show in Pakistan

Sahir Lodhi Show
Sahir Lodhi Show

The games were so simple, easy, and entertaining. If one game was eating Gol-Gapaas, so the other was armed wrestling among women. Eating cakes, washing dishes, and jumping were a few of the games among many others. Whenever Sahir asks the audience who will come for this game, so that’s the moment when the sound of speakers become meaningless because of the excitement and high-level energy of the audience.

The last segment of TSLS was the segment when heartbeats became fast because it was all about fortune. In this segment, the participant has to open the boxes as much as possible with the given keys in 1 minute. Cars, bikes, and so many big prizes were there in each box. So, out of the 5 participants, only 4 could open the boxes and became successful to win the prizes including bikes, Umrah tickets, gold, and many others.

Well, that’s all from the game show. Now I’m going to share the most important thing about Sahir Lodhi. Sahir Lodhi is considered a controversial figure. I along with other 3 invited bloggers had a personal session with Sahir Lodhi. I didn’t even imagine how down to earth he would be? He is so down to earth person and a patriotic Pakistani. After the incident of girl (Watch in Video), people started calling him anti-Pakistan, and used abusive language for him, even he received threats. He’s very talented Host/RJ/Actor, and can easily get a job at any of the country of the world. But he wants to serve Pakistani.

We know Sahir Lodhi on camera, but behind the camera, he’s entirely different. His 80% income goes to charity work. He has also opened a clinic at Surjani Town, where patients get free treatment, and now in the coming years, he’s going to open hospital. And every day after the show, more than 250 people gather at backstage for free medical facilities. So, this is the real face of Sahir Lodhi! How a person can be anti-Pakistani who serve for Pakistan?

In the end, I would like to say 1 thing that doesn’t judge anyone before personally meeting him!

Sahir Lodhi Show
Sahir Lodhi Show

Sahir Lodhi Show Pictures

Here, I’m also sharing few of the pictures from the game show. All clicks have been officially taken by team TV One.


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