Glimpses from the Spring Fling of Gymboree!

Gymboree is development Centre with unique learning environment, and it aims to prepare child for life, not only for academics but also physically, cognitively and socially. In which the first thing comes physical growth, social development, two ways communication, skills enhancement, physical skills enhancement, confidence building, and 360° approach. While in Cognitive skills includes creative mindset, and creative approach.

Recently, Gymboree held an event with the name “Spring Fling” on 15th of April, at its DHA campus, in Karachi.

The event was attended by not only children but also their parents became part of it, and around 30 families with approximate 120 people joined it.

It was an amazing and fun learning environment. The sweetness and naughtiness was overloaded with the cuteness of little children. Many activities were going on at the same time. If one of the child was busy in taking slides, so other was playing with toys, while a group of children along with their parents were busy in painting pots, and every child was busy in activities. Throughout the event, the beautiful jingle was being played in the background, which was helping children and their parents to enjoy with calm. A small activity was done just before the refreshment, in which few of the staff members came on the floor, then started singing and dancing on the song of Gymboree along with the cute and little children.

On the other hand, the staff members were fully trying to facilitate every children, they were so cooperative and interactive with not only children but also with their parents. It was showing such a positive image of team Gymboree, and the parents present there, were feeling satisfied and proud to send their children here.

While talking about the event, one of parent said,

“This is my 1st time and I really enjoyed here, and this kind of activities are so beneficial for development of children.”

One other parent commented,

“It was very nice, decoration is good, friendly environment, and everything is well organized.”

There was also a photo booth with beautiful props, and almost every parent along with their children came on photo booth for picture. Because picture is the only thing that help to save memories for a long time, and memories with their beloved children at such kind of event means everything for parents.

Well, overall it was such a wonderful event in well-organized way. And this kind of events are so beneficial for every children, because it helps a lot in the development of children, and this is what the aim of Gymboree.

Here are some pictures from the event,

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