Green Signal from Government for License Renewal Policy

The wait is finally over now because Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) and the Ministry of Information and Technology have officially started working on license renewal policy of telecom operators. In the current scenario of a country where foreign direct investment is playing a vital role to boost the economy.

License Renewal Policy

In a recent interview with Express Tribune, PTA stated;

“The renewal of licence and associated spectrum at the end of a licence duration will be as per the policy of the government. In case of renewal of licences, PTA will make recommendations to the federal government within the time specified in the respective licences.”

This statement by the government is a game changer and relief for the telecom industry of Pakistan. PTA also enforced that all procedures related to licence renewal must be handled in a timely manner. So, consumers and mobile operators don’t face any issue.

License Renewal Policy

Government to finalize License Renewal Policy for Telecom Operators!

The government is also expecting that the new license renewal policy can generate an income of 1 – 2 billion Pakistani rupees. It directly shows that the government is serious about it and looking for great revenue from this policy.

Telecom Operators in Pakistan

Well, it’s really great to see the significance of government for the license renewal policy. It’s almost impossible to imagine a life without a 3G/4G data connection. Especially when you are a frequent traveller or social media marketing then you need data connection 24/7. Otherwise, your work will be paused, your content couldn’t be posted on social media, and your followers would be kept waiting to see your updates and so on.

Telecom Operators in Pakistan

The challenging situation for Telecom Operators in Pakistan!

Hence, the licence is being renewed. As government and telecom operators are now on one page. The user isn’t going to face a hard time. So, keep doing whatever you’re doing and earn money online without facing any problem in the coming weeks.

Government to finalize License Renewal Policy for Telecom Operators!

The issue is getting bigger with every passing day as very short time has remained for the license renewal. Well, it’s really glad to see that Prime Minister Imran Khan showed some seriousness for this issue. He has made a committee to access the standards for the license renewal of three major telecom operators. The government is also expecting to generate 1-2 billion USD in revenue from this process.

Telecom Operators in Pakistan

In this digital era, life can never be imagined without the internet. Especially for those who are earning online. Well, after the formation of a technical board on the order of PM Imran Khan, a new hope has been generated. It’s like a beam of light in the dark, for the telecom operators.

telecom operators

According to experts, the license policy should be finalized at least 20 to 24 months before the expiry date to avoid any kind of problems. The license of two major cellular networks Telenor Pakistan and Jazz are going to expire in this month. The industry may face a tough time if the license wouldn’t be renewed before the expiry date. While the license of Zong is also going to expire later in this year.

Telecom Operators in Pakistan

It’s almost impossible to travelling somewhere from where you can’t post your content on social media, due to no signals on your smartphone. Even you can’t avail the facility of cab service without having 3G/4G data on your phone. The things which can’t even be imagined, how can we face in the future?

telecom operators

The challenging situation for Telecom Operators in Pakistan!

However, the government should take immediate action on it. Formation of a board isn’t enough, the execution and how fast the work is being done is actually matters. Plus, it’s not only about you and me. It’s about Pakistan, if the issue wouldn’t be resolved soon, the country might face inflation.

The challenging situation for Telecom Operators in Pakistan!

What if your mobile signals disappear and you can no more access 3G/4G internet?

It seems shocking but you might face this. If the government wouldn’t renew the license of telecom operators. Basically, the license is required to be renewed after a certain period of time. It’s a worldwide policy which applies to every country. Similarly, in Pakistan, the license of the telecom operators is about to hit the expiry date. The renewal policy has already been delayed by the government for a year.

Telecom Operators in Pakistan

Now, the tension is increasing with every passing day. It’s a very serious problem which mobile operators are facing nowadays. The telecom industry plays a vital role in the economy of Pakistan. They have created many job opportunities for the youth of the country. From foreign direct investment (FDI) in billions of dollars have already provided a boost to the economy of Pakistan. Unfortunately, this all might be stopped. If no serious consideration would be shown to the renewal license policy.

Telecom Operators in Pakistan

Telecom industry has unveiled that they are supposed to pay the renewal fee in US Dollars. While their revenue is in Pakistani rupee but due to the devaluation of Pakistani currency, the fee is undoubtedly so high. It’s almost impossible to pay the fee in dollars. So, they have requested to the Pakistani government that they should consider the use of Pakistani currency as renewal fees than paying in dollars.

Telecom Operators in Pakistan

The government is focusing on Digital Pakistan. To achieve this goal everything needs to be digitalized. It’s almost impossible to achieve this objective if the license policy wouldn’t be renewed.

Telecom Operators in Pakistan

Youth is earning from social media platforms, blogging and other social networking sites. 3G/4G has been their basic need. In fact, many agencies are achieving their digital goals because of the internet, which they can access at almost every corner of Pakistan.

  • What if they stop getting network?
  • What if they stop getting internet?

Telecom Operators in Pakistan


Their digital journey will be stopped. Their source of income from the internet will also be gone. Since the government should show some seriousness and cooperate with telecom operators to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

A Device can be your Lucky Charm

It’s hard to afford DSLR camera for travelling, but having a smartphone with amazing features at least helps you to capture and record the memories. At one side these cameras are expansive. So, on the other hand, you’re not allowed to bring it everywhere. If you love travelling, and crazy for selfies and want to be a good Youtuber and Travelogger, then this device is perfect for you.

OPPO A83 is the device that will not only help you to snap the moments but also will allow you to work as a pro. In a very reasonable price, you can shoot landscapes, panoramas and even record vlogs without taking tension of storage. Let’s talk about its features before sharing my story.

With a 5.7 inch LCD, you can enjoy the gaming experience and full HD videos.  Its 13 MP back camera will allow you to capture things as a professional. It also has an expert mode through which you can manually control everything like shutter speed, ISO and so on. The front camera is 8 MP, means good for great selfies in this price range. As Oppo is famous for its camera and its taglines “Selfie Expert” ultimately shows all.

So there’s no doubt about the camera. The device comes with 64/32/16GB ROM and 4/3/2GB RAM. So, it depends on the individual that which is suitable for him/her according to their need, but the storage can be extended up to 256 GB. Its battery timing is not good but better in this price range. It offers 3180mAh battery which is enough for normal use. While using this phone you won’t face the performance down issue because of its 2.5 GHz octa-core processor. The device also has face unlock feature for better security. Although they could also add fingerprint feature but they didn’t.

A Trip To Balochistan
A Trip To Balochistan

It’s MeTime

After buying this phone, I officially started vlogging. Though I used to capture clicks for my blogs but now I shoot videos as well. I travelled to Tharparker and Balochistan to explore the beauty of both sites. The clicks I captured and the vlogs I shot were only possible because of this device. It also played the role of lucky charm into my life. As my last device got snatched which was also an Oppo’s model A37. Well, both videos are available on YouTube. So you can get some idea about the camera of this phone. That’s all I wanted to say in MeTime.

I’m Oppo user since 2016, and I love this brand because it offers many features at the reasonable price and its best part is indeed its camera. If you’re looking for a phone with a good camera at an affordable price then this device is perfect for you.

Go Beyond limits with Honor 8X

Selfies, depth of field, Ultra HD pictures, Pro shoots, fast performance, great storage, full view display, good battery life and a reasonable price are the basic requirements for any smartphone user. By keeping this in mind Honor launched the smartphone of its X-series namely Honor 8X. The launching event was held on 4th October 2018 at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi.

Honor 8X

Honor 8X launch event

The event was full of gilts and glitters, big hanging banners and the perfect ambience for the launch of one and only Honor 8X smartphone. As the clock hit at 7 pm, many people, socialites, bloggers, influencers, press and media gathered together at the booth of Honor 8X to welcome and meet their favourite celebrities.

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As Mehwish Hayat entered into the booth, the fans become crazy and started struggling to get a chance of selfie with her. Same happened at the entrance time of renowned vlogger Irfan Junejo. Girls didn’t miss this opportunity to take a selfie with Junejo while guys were still struggling to have a selfie with Mehwish Hayat. Meanwhile, Dino Ali and fitness trainer Nusrat Hidhayatullah also entered at the booth. So, people started taking selfies with their favourite celebs and also didn’t miss the opportunity of hand on experience of the device.


Key Features of Honor 8X

Following are the key features of Honor 8X

6.5” full-view display

128 GB internal storage

20 + 2 MP AI dual-lens rear camera

16 MP front camera

3750mAh battery

New Kirin 710 chipsets

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With the full-view display, you can watch the movies in HD mode and can play your favourite games with more excitement. 128 GB is not enough but more than average for the normal use, but you can increase it by adding an external SD card. The craze of photography has touched the sky, everyone loves to capture clicks and want to make their Instagram look more amazing by best clicks. No matter, if you don’t have DSLR, you can capture the magnificent clicks through its dual-lens camera which will give you perfect depth of field. Not only this but also you can create the best shots in low light and night-time as well. Moreover, its expert mode will allow you to use the camera as you want. The front camera is also perfect to capture brilliant selfies. Again 3750, not enough but still it’s good for normal use, plus its power saving mode will help you to save more battery for the day. With 4GB RAM and Octa-Core Kirin 710 Chipsets, you can perform multiple tasks at the same time without facing the problem of hanging. Last but not least, all the above-mentioned features you can get in one and only Honor 8X in PKR 35,999 only.