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Government to finalize License Renewal Policy for Telecom Operators!

The issue is getting bigger with every passing day as very short time has remained for the license renewal. Well, it’s really glad to see that Prime Minister Imran Khan showed some seriousness for this issue. He has made a committee to access the standards for the license renewal of three major telecom operators. The government is also expecting to generate 1-2 billion USD in revenue from this process.

Telecom Operators in Pakistan

In this digital era, life can never be imagined without the internet. Especially for those who are earning online. Well, after the formation of a technical board on the order of PM Imran Khan, a new hope has been generated. It’s like a beam of light in the dark, for the telecom operators.

telecom operators

According to experts, the license policy should be finalized at least 20 to 24 months before the expiry date to avoid any kind of problems. The license of two major cellular networks Telenor Pakistan and Jazz are going to expire in this month. The industry may face a tough time if the license wouldn’t be renewed before the expiry date. While the license of Zong is also going to expire later in this year.

Telecom Operators in Pakistan

It’s almost impossible to travelling somewhere from where you can’t post your content on social media, due to no signals on your smartphone. Even you can’t avail the facility of cab service without having 3G/4G data on your phone. The things which can’t even be imagined, how can we face in the future?

telecom operators

The challenging situation for Telecom Operators in Pakistan!

However, the government should take immediate action on it. Formation of a board isn’t enough, the execution and how fast the work is being done is actually matters. Plus, it’s not only about you and me. It’s about Pakistan, if the issue wouldn’t be resolved soon, the country might face inflation.

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