JS Bank becomes Pakistan’s first private institution to work for Climate Change

In a world of modern technology, everyone is aware of global warming. There are hardly a few countries who are actually working for it, and the majority them are suffering from it without doing anything for it. Pakistan is one of the countries which is suffering a lot from climate change.

climate change (1)

According to the report of the Global Climate Risk Index 2018, Pakistan is on number 7 in facing climate change which makes it the unguarded country for it. A country which is full of blessing in terms of nature, 4 kinds of weather, seascapes, landscapes, mountains, glaciers, rivers, and much more, is now at the alarming risk of climate change.

In this situation, someone must have to be serious and think about it. And finally, a private entity from the business industry realized its responsibility to contribute for the future generations of Pakistan. JS Bank has become the first business institution of Pakistan that has been recognized by the Green Climate Fund (GCF). GFC is of the world’s largest platform that supported by almost 200 countries to counter climate change by investing in climate resilient development and low emission. It also works to reduce greenhouse emissions in developing countries.

JS Bank

Now, JS Bank of Pakistan will be able to apply for funding of up to 250 million US dollars per project. The bank will also use funds for other private sectors to support the action for climate change, and it will also encourage them to work for it.

JS Bank and Green Climate Fund

It is really great to see this seriousness to work for climate change from any private institution of Pakistan. It is also promoting a positive message to the world that Pakistan is serious for it, and officially started to work for it. With JS Bank certification with GCF will also encourage many other institutions of Pakistan to come forward and start working for a serious issue.