China Port Karachi

China Port – No More New Destination To Hangout

Karachi, the city of lights, the port city of Pakistan, the city of foodies, ex-capital of the country and so on. This city is blessed with many beautiful titles and Karachities are the people who actually made it possible. Well, Karachites recently found a new destination to hang out. It was the 4th day of Eid that Karachites found a new place. Yes, I’m talking about “Pakistan Deep Water Container Port” popularly known as “China Port.”

China Port Karachi

Suddenly the pictures of newly shaped rocks “Tetrapod Rocks” started getting viral. People started comparing it with the scene from the Bollywood film “Munna Bhai MBBS”. Basically, Tetrapod Rocks are used as a wave breaker to control the pressure of sea waves. Most of the countries use these rocks but Pakistan became a bit late to be on the list. And for Karachites, it absolutely something new, exciting and amazing. They couldn’t stop themselves to visit this place after seeing the viral pictures and videos.

China Port Karachi

The bad news is that this place is now officially closed for the public. Yes, on 1st August KPT revealed in a statement that too many people visiting the area which is creating a security hazard. It is very unfortunate that people couldn’t keep this place clean. They turned this place into the garbage. Not only that, in many cases related to snatching, sexual harassment and drinking have also been recorded.

China Port Karachi

Well, I also got attracted by the viral picture the videos. So, I decided to visit this place with my friends to record a vlog. The moment I reached there, it was like I’ve entered the fish market because there was a huge crowd. It was like that the whole Karachi is here. Plus there were many local street food stalls. As Karachites are the foodie and they cannot stop themselves to eat foodstuff.

The moment I saw the tetrapod rocks, I was like how would I climb? Because those were very dangerous and slippery because of the sea and drizzling, but I successfully climbed and crossed half of the area. Only a few people were successfully managed to reach there. I and my friends were also amongst them. Furthermore, you can see in my vlog, and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and follow my blog.

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