A Trip To Balochistan

Explore the Unseen Beauty of Balochistan

Pakistan is a country which is blessed with all the four kinds of weather; summer, winter, autumn, and spring. Many of the people love to explore the unseen beauty of Pakistan, so they prefer to go to the northern areas of Pakistan. A few years back, there was a very poor ratio of tourism in our country. Until 1.75 million tourists from different countries visited Pakistan last year. It is indeed one of the highest ratios till date, and it will keep increasing in coming years.

A Trip To Balochistan
A Trip To Balochistan

There was a time when people used to afraid to go out of homes, but a great thanks to Pakistan Army who sacrificed their lives to bring the peace back into the country. Apart from Northern areas, Southern areas also blessed with many beautiful sites. The province of Balochistan is one the treasure of natural beauty and wonderful beaches. There are many misconceptions for this province, but being eyewitness I can clear it all. Whether you talk about the native people or the land both are extremely loving.

A Trip To Balochistan
A Trip To Balochistan

Balochistan, Pakistan

A few weeks ago, I planned to visit Balochistan. I went to Lasbela (a district in Balochistan). I spent almost 7 days there, just to explore the beauty of Balochistan. After visiting Hingol National Park, Kund Malir and Kishari Lake, I can bet this province of Pakistan is not less than any of the beautiful place of the world. The mentioned places are basically the picnic spots, and by going there and many other sites in Balochistan like Ormara, Gawadar, Sonmiyani and so on. You can save a beautiful memory for the lifetime.

A Trip To Balochistan
A Trip To Balochistan

A Trip to Balochistan

From Hawaii, the Philippines to Bermuda and the Bali beaches (Top 20 beaches of the world), Balochistan beaches are not far behind from them. I personally visited Kund Malir, and I can’t express the beauty and peace over there into words, because it was calming and the seashore of the great blue ocean with the giant black and brown rocks at the shoreline, and the coconut trees in my way to Kund Malir will definitely never allow you to leave this place.

Hingol National Park

It was almost 3-hour drive from Karachi to Lasbela, Balochistan. And from Bela, we went to Hingol and Kund Malir. It took 3.5 hours to reach Hingol. And approximately at 2 am, we reached there. From this place, we went to Nani Mandir (temple), one of the oldest temple of Pakistan. There we performed prayers, and there was already a festival going on, which attracted a large number of Hindu community towards there. After sunrise, we jumped into the river of Nani Mandir, Hingol which is considered as the prestigious river. Then after we performed our religious activities and left for Kund Malir at noon time. It was just 10KM away from Nani Mandir, Hingol. Meanwhile, we stopped our car to capture the beauty of the sandy mountains (known for the changing shape after every rain) and yes, did a photo shoot of each other as well.

A Trip To Balochistan
A Trip To Balochistan

Kund Malir

Finally, we reached Kund Malir from Hingol. The sandy mountains on the right while the great blue ocean at the left with coconut trees in our way. Simply a wonderful combo it was. We have visited many seas and oceans in Karachi, but the charm of this beach was unbeatable. The beautiful sandy huts at the seaside also grabbed our attention. It was like we’re in such a country which is known for its beaches. Well, after enjoying the peace and shores of the great blue ocean under the cloudy sky, we decided to go back to Lasbela, Balochistan.

Back to Lasbela

On our way to Lasbela, everyone was damn tired because we haven’t got a proper nap for two days. So, we stopped our car at Lyari, Balochistan to get fresh and stretch our bodies and to have some energy drinks. Then after, we set back and moved on our way to Lasbela. It was almost 5 pm, we stopped at Uthal to have some food. And then finally, we reached Lasbela at half past 6.

A Trip To Balochistan
A Trip To Balochistan

Agricultural Site of Lasbela, Balochistan

On the next day, we planned to explore the agricultural site of Lasbela. We accelerated our bikes to reach the destination. Since the roads were small and driving cars there was almost impossible. On our way to that, we found so many beautiful sceneries and roads were covered with full of greenery. We even stopped our bikes to capture the beauty and of course to do a photoshoot as well. Finally, we reached the agricultural site, where at the center there was a large pool to send water for the crops, and the surrounding was covered with trees and greenery. It was an amazing moment to see the things in reality which you’re reading and watching from your childhood.

Kishari Lake

Second last day, yes it was Sunday and we planned for Kishari. It was one hour drive from Lasbela to Kishari. It is basically a lake when it rainfalls on sandy mountains of Balochistan then that rainy water moves around to find its way to fall into the sea. For them, it is a blessing because they use it for their crops and even drink it. According to them, it is naturally filtered water. For tourists, it’s a picnic spot indeed. The people from different areas of Balochistan even many from Karachi visit this place to enjoy the blessing of naturally filtered water. As it keeps moving on, so it keeps getting filter naturally.

In the end, I would like to say Pakistan tour is incomplete without Balochistan. If you actually want to explore Pakistan then start your journey from Balochistan. And one week isn’t enough to explore the beauty of this province. For this, you need to plan at least 15 to 20 days to actually appreciate and to know how naturally blessed Balochistan is.

Hope from this you’ve gotten a brief info about the places I visited in Balochistan and from vlog, you’ll see the gorgeousness of it. In order to actually feel the beauty, you’ve to be there. And I damn sure you won’t regret. In fact, you’ll come back with a separate folder of the unforgettable flawless memories of your life.

Vlog – A Trip To Balochistan

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