Explore the beauty of Ber Sharif village

If you have a tractor, you’ll be considered as rich. Yes, this a story of Ber Sharif village which is 35 KM away from Larkana city of Sindh. We shouldn’t ignore the importance of nature in this digital era. So, we group of friends decided to explore the beauty of Ber Sharif village and to complete the mission. As one of our friend lives there, so it was easier for us in terms of accommodation and other things.

Ber Sharif Village

So, our journey started from the Daewoo Bus terminal highway in Karachi, which took almost 7 hours to reach Larkana city, and from there our friend came into his car to receive us for Ber Sharif Goth (Village). But before that, we stopped at Dhabba (tea shop) in Kamber district to charge ourselves, and then finally we moved to our destination.

Ber Sharif Village

We reached there at almost 9 pm, and after getting fresh we had dinner and then at 11 pm we went to the market side to enjoy the cold nights of winter. As we are addicted to chai (tea) so we drunk it again and after getting back to home, we shut down the lights to sleep.

Ber Sharif Village

On the next day, after having Subha ki chai (morning tea) we moved to the farm side to explore the beauty. As our mission was impossible to start from that day. So, on Day 1, we went to the agricultural site where rice crops were ready to harvest, and we visited vegetable farming along with sugarcane and others. After that, we met tall black animals – buffalos – which were busy in taking bath in the pond.

Ber Sharif Village (20)

After having lunch, we decided to visit the artificial island, which was made at the centre of the river to look at all the four sides of that area. We sat into a boat and reached the island in less than 5 minutes. It was a golden hour, and we simply fall in love with the beauty of birds especially storks, a shade of sun into the river and almost everything which became magnificent with the golden shade. We took out our cameras and phones to capture the sunset and to make this moment memorable.

Ber Sharif Village

It was Day 2 in Goth, and finally, we officially kicked off our mission. By the way, our mission was to shoot a thesis film of our mate, which was also the main reason stopover at the village.

Ber Sharif Village

Lights – Camera – Action. All the characters reached on spot, and the director was ready to roll. Many of the scenes were finished in less than expected time but few of the scenes took more than 1 hour to complete. It took two days to complete the entire shoot. And everyone was tired, so without wasting time we slept earlier.

Ber Sharif Village (23)

As Day 2 and 3 were gone into the shoot. It’s time for Day 4, where we planned to explore other cities and places of Sindh. We first moved to Sachal Sarmast tomb in Daraza village. After that we drove to Kot Dijji Fort, then we moved to Sukkur city for capturing cityscape from the 82nd stair of Masoom Shah Jo Minar. Though we were damn tired, but it was out the last location of the day. Meanwhile, we crossed many cities and villages of Sindh along with historic Lansdowne Bridge in Sukkur.

After all this, we stopped at the highway for having a meal, as we were hungry since morning. We ordered Biryani which was unexpectedly mouthwatering and so awesome. Then after we moved back to the village Ber Sharif. We started our packing because we had to leave for Karachi on Sunday noon.

Ber Sharif Village (16)

Last but not least, hats off to the hospitality of Sindhi people. The way they treat to the guests and share information about enrich the culture of Sindh – simply amazing. We really enjoyed a lot there, and when we were returning they goodbye us with the souvenirs – Sindhi Ajrak and Topi.

Ber Sharif Village

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