Loaded fries and chicken fillet burger of Hardee’s

Karachi is a city of lights and a great attraction for foodies. So many renowned local and international brands have successfully set their marks in the food industry of Pakistan. Similarly, an international food chain Hardee’s is also one of them.


I was recently invited to the newly opened outlet of Hardee’s at LuckyOne mall, where I not only tasted their products but also enjoyed 40% discount which they were offering to their customers in the celebration of their new food outlet.


I ordered Chicken fillet burger and loaded fries which I loved so much. The chicken meat was perfectly grilled, bread was so fresh, and all the sauces that were used in the burger made it so tasty and mouth-watering. On the other hand, when we talk about fries then only few brands come to our mind, who are actually famous for their fries, but in Hardee’s case; I would say they didn’t disappoint me for fries. The fries were unexpectedly so delicious. I tried it for the very first time, and they were so good, and the sauces and jalapeno pieces made it so juicy and spicy.


Overall the combo of chicken fillet and the loaded fries was mind-blowing. I really enjoyed this combo and glad that I placed this order.

I’m a desi food lover, so I rarely go for fast food, but this deal was something that I really loved so much. It was a flawless combo of hot, spicy and juicy ingredients, which made it “So Yummy”

So, Karachites what are you waiting for?

Those who have already tried Hardee’s, they are very well aware of its taste, but those who haven’t tried it yet. Just go now to enjoy the deal and to refresh your taste buds.

Chicken Fillet: 4/5

Loaded Fries: 4/5

Price: 4/5

Quality: 4/5

Presentation: 3/5

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Sagar Samy

Media Blogger and Social Media Influencer from Karachi, Pakistan 24/7 digitally busy but still manage time for friends and family. Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Public Relations, and Marketing are a few of my top skills among others “Always believe in yourself, and never expect anything soon a day to come that you will be surprised by your struggles and hard works.”

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