City Of Lights


Karachi is a city of lights and a great attraction for foodies. So many renowned local and international brands have successfully set their marks in the food industry of Pakistan. Similarly, an international food chain Hardee’s is also one of them. I was recently invited to the newly opened outlet of Hardee’s at LuckyOne mall, where I not only tasted their products but also enjoyed 40% discount which they were offering to their customers in the celebration of their new food outlet. I ordered Chicken fillet burger and loaded fries which I loved so much. The chicken meat was perfectly grilled, bread was so fresh, and all the sauces that were used in the burger made it so tasty and mouth-watering. On the other hand, when we talk about fries then only few brands come to our mind, who are actually famous for their fries, but in Hardee’s case; I…