The Long Night

The Long Night – Most-awaited battle of Game of Thrones!

The most awaited and the longest episode of Game of Thrones season 8 has finally on-aired. A name “The Long Night” itself referring a long lasting night. Yes, it was a war between dead and living army. This episode was around 1 hour and 20 minutes. It was like you’re watching some Hollywood movie full of suspense, thrill, and emotions.

The Long Night



The episode opens up with assembling of an army which is ready to fight with the white walkers and the wights. Here is an unexpected entry of Melisandre takes place. She asks Grey Worm to raise his sword and then she recites something to flame all the swords of the army.

The Long Night

It’s time for the action. The most-awaited battle between zombies and humans officially kicks off.

Fight together or Die; the battlefield is here!

It’s a fight for which the huge hype was created, but unfortunately, the end of the fight was so unexpected, which I’ll be discussing later.

The Long Night

On the battlefield; dead over dead on both sides, thousands of soldiers died, bloodshed everywhere. While on the sky, Daenerys and Jon Snow are fighting with the Night King by flying over their dragons.

The Long Night

The fight continues, the zombies and white walkers break all boundaries to enter into Winterfell. The Night King reanimate every soldier and dead army who just expired while fighting with each other. And here is the army of blue eyes becomes double and triple in numbers.

The Long Night


On one side, Jon Snow seems so tense and moving here and there to save himself from the dead dragon of Night King. On the flip side, Sir Jorah and Khaleesi fighting with wights to save each other.


Night King also enters into the Winterfell and now he’s moving to the Bran who’s carelessly sitting on his wheelchair. As his brother Theon and other soldiers are fighting for him. Theon runs towards the Night King to kill but unfortunately, he dies while saving the life of his little brother. Now, Night King comes to the bran to kill him.

The Long Night

This is the moment when the tension reaches its peak. All the hopes seem to break. It looks dead army won this battle while the living army lost it.

The Long Night

Wait, what?

Here’s the climax, when the audience is praying for Jon Snow, Daenerys, Bran and almost every soldier who’s fighting against zombies. The most unexpected scene takes places when Arya Stark jumps over the Night King to kill him with her Valyrian steel knife.

The Long Night

This was the moment when the heartbeat started moving so fast. It is one of the GOT’s best climax scene ever. Though the fight with the White walkers has ended but fight #ForTheThrone is still to happen.

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