A day with MAX at the Beach

In a world of digital media, we have forgotten to connect with nature. We have become so busy in our routine life and have no time to explore, to connect, and to understand the beauty of nature.


Well, finally we devote some time to come to a step closer to nature. We decided to say goodbye to our gadgets for few hours so we can focus and connect with nature. We joined the program MAX by School of Leadership, which held on sunny Saturday at Turtle beach, Karachi. The program attracted youth aged 20 – 30. So, they can relax from the hectic schedule of their busy lives.


The best thing about the event was that it was being led by the very interactive and motivational trainers namely Umair Jaliawala and Waqar Ali. The purpose of the program was to starch life, come out from the comfort zone, capacity building, teamwork, connect to nature, and to live hundred percent.



The event officially started with the introductory session of Waqar Ali and warm up activities to break invisible bearers. As all were new to each other. So it’s important to know first, so he trainer divided individuals into the group. All the individuals were in teams now.


Once the team were made, it’s time for activities. So, the first activity was “The Great Box”, in this all the team members have to jump into the box. The team that completes it in less time will be the winner. In this game, our team won the third position.  After this, Umair Jaliawala interacted with all the participants and shared his thoughts regarding life, and nature. He also advised the participants to read books, at least for 15 minutes a day.


After that, there were three activities waiting for us; namely bucket challenge, plank game and group skipping.  Everyone gave their best, but in the end, only one team had to win. Well, in the end, the mission of the journey accomplished. Since morning, no one knew each other but in the evening they found new friends with many beautiful and exciting memories.

Picture Source: SOL Facebook Page

An exciting underwater journey with PALS

Life without adventure is like biryani without Aaloo (potato). In a world full of digital media users, adventure is something that leads to freedom, excitement, a step closer to nature and unforgettable memories. Pakistan is a country that is blessed with a wide range of beautiful shorelines. And Karachi is the city of beaches and almost every Karachite plan their picnics to explore the beauty of these beaches.

When we talk about beach then the first thing we hear Samundar me Ziada Aage mat Jana (don’t go far in the sea), but still, many youngsters take it as a statement and ignore it without caring about the circumstances. As a result, many people lost their lives in order to save ones’ life.

Recently, we went to the beach with Pakistan Life Saving Foundation (PALS). A nonprofit organization that is working from 2004, for the purpose of saving lives on the beaches of Karachi. With more than 250 lifeguards from the local community, they have saved almost 5000 people till date.


They told us about many things which we never heard before. Rip current is the biggest enemy of human’s life and because of it chances of drowning increase. As a result, many people lose their lives while trying to save one friend or relative who is drowning because a majority of people does not know how to swim.


Well, our journey started from Sandspit and ended at French beach. As we reached PALS office, sandpit, they briefed about their organization, how they work, tools, equipment and boats among others. They also showed us the demo of saving the life of a drowning person. After having some refreshment, we officially wore our life jackets and moved our way to the main boat which was floating at the centre of the sea. We sit into the motorboat to reach there and once all the members reached, the journey officially started.

As we reached there, people become crazy to the sea the beauty of oceans and the huts that were built at the seaside of French beach. One of the lifeguards asked us to jump into the water. Initially, we were scared but once we realized that it’s Do or Die scene, we jumped into the water with our life jackets. We also saw the underwater marine life with our dive masks. Last but not least, few of us also tried snorkelling which was one of the most adventurous experiences of this journey.

After this, we again sat into the motor boats to enter into the hut where spicy biryani was waiting for us along with mouthwatering chocolate brownie. After having lunch we shared our experience to the team PALS and appreciated their efforts, and yes, clicked the mandatory group photo at the end of this adventurous journey.


Important things to remember

  • Wear light weighted cloths
  • Don’t go deeper in the sea
  • Avoid rocky area to swim
  • Avoid swimming in the dark
  • Listen to the advice of lifeguards, as they know the beaches better than us
  • Learn to recognize rip currents
  • Never underestimate the power of the sea
  • Obey basic safety tips

Picture Source: PALS Facebook Page