Quaker Oats Hosted A Brunch To Promote A Healthy Lifestyle & for a Good Start To The Day!

Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle, and for that perfect diet and nutrition are very important and is also important to start a good day. But when it comes to health then the question arises whether the breakfast we are taking is it healthier or not?

So, now Quaker Oats which is one of the popular brand of the world, has recently hosted a Quaker Oatsome Brunch at Cafe Flo in Karachi.

The brunch included a variety of delicious foods. The event was attended by many celebrities including Ahmed Ali Butt, Fatima Khan Butt, Maheen Karadar Ali, Rubab Ali, and Omer jamil among others.

The main goal of the brand is to encourage and educate Pakistani people to move towards health and wellness by including Quaker in their meals for a ‘Good Start to the Day.’

While commenting Sarah Syed (Brand Manager of Quaker Pakistan) said,

“We know that getting energy and nutrition in the morning positively affects the rest of our day. But all too often, the twists and turns of daily life get in the way and health takes a back seat. With Quaker, our effort here is to educate people about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle – which starts with healthy eating specifically in the morning, when you need the right energy to power you up. People should know that food high in nutrition can be very tasty and extremely good for your health.  The journey at the heart of it is to move towards a healthier Pakistan – one breakfast at a time – and help people unlock their day’s potential by eating healthy and ensuring a ‘Good Start to their Day’ with Quaker.”

Since our diet is incomplete without healthier breakfast, but now its time to add Quacker in our daily life to good start of the day and to have a healthier life without any doubt.

Here are some pictures from the event.