Year in Review – Believe in yourself to see wonders and miracles

We live in a society, where we waste half of our time in comparison and rest in jealousy. As a result, we forget to focus on OURSELF. I also used to do these things, but believe me, it gives only negative vibes, which you willingly or unwillingly multiply into others. The day I left these all, I found an unbelievable change in Myself. My friends who used to say Why you take everything so negative. Now they say, We are getting positive vibes from you, boosted the confidence, true motivation and so on. These all could be possible because I believed in ME, changed myself and left all the gathering from where I used to get negative vibes.

Ber Sharif Village

Let me share how grateful this year was…

First month of the year

The first month of the year which starts with New Year celebrations and my birthday celebration on 6th January. In this month, I got a chance to visit and meet many high profiles of Pakistan. I participated into Ambassador Program of my university, and after clearing all stages, I was one of the Ambassador amongst 125 others for the year 2016-17. Well due to some financial issues I couldn’t take part in any national or international trip but then in 2018, I got a chance to visit Islamabad. It was 10 days trip, which included visits of President House, Prime Minister Secretariat, GHQ, NAB Headquarter and  Supreme Court of Pakistan amongst many others. So that’s how my year 2018 officially kicked off.

Feb to May

From Feb to May, I became busy in working on thesis. I chose “Impact of Facebook on University Students in Karachi” as my research topic. And finally, in May, I accomplished it after clearing all the levels from beginning to end. After passing viva and submitting thesis to the university, I was unofficially graduated.

June & July

June and July known for vacations, so I did many hangouts with friends, and also helped my mates for their thesis film. Even I worked as a supporting role in one of the film. In the same month, I went into trauma because my cellphone got snatched. It might seem nothing for Karachites but as it happened for the very first time in the last ten years. So, I went into deep depression and lost 10 KG of my weight. Well, with friends and family support I overcome it soon.



Vlogging in August

Then in August, I officially entered into the field of vlogging and decided to travel outside Karachi. So, with the group of friends, I planned a trip for Mithi. It was a 3 days trip where we went to Mithi, Tharparker and from there we explored the architecture site of Jainism temples and went to mountain area of Nagar Parker. Only few of us could climb the mountain and I was one of them. The view from the 600 ft. of mountain was so breathtaking.

Year in Review 2018

In the same month, I planned for another trip. This time it was Balochistan. Even a month isn’t enough to explore the whole Balochistan but I tried my best to promote the positive image of Balochistan. In this trip, we first went to Lasbela, Balochistan and from there we went to Hingol National Park, Nani Mandir and Kund Malir. We returned back to Lasbela to explore the agricultural site and natural picnic spot of Lasbela.

September & October

September and October were bit busiest, I participated in seminars, workshops, and meetings with different clients. After taking two short courses, I appeared and cleared test of Basics of Reporting & Basics of Editing conducted by CEJ in collaboration with British High Commission. After this, I participated in the IMPACT program of School of Leadership (SOL), which changed the entire perspective of my life. I felt so positive and boosted after this 4 days program of SOL. As I love to do socializing, so I got new many friends from CEJ and SOL.

Year in Review 2018/

November – The Convocation Month

Well, it’s time for November. I’d love to call it Convocation Month. Yes, it was 17th November when I officially graduated and made my family proud.

Comvocation Day (37)

After graduation, I got a chance of picnic at Turtle beach and French beach. So, on 24th November I went to Turtle Beach to be a part of MAX program by SOL, where Umair Jaliawala and Waqar Ali interacted with the participants and engaged them into different activities. So, they can stretch themselves and come out from their comfort zone. On 27th Nov, again got a chance to visit a beach, but this time it was beyond. This time we did underwater diving, snorkelling and saw the marine life with our dive masks at French beach in Karachi. In the same month, I became the Global Peace Ambassador from Pakistan for the next two years.

Last month December

December, last month of the year. In this month I got a laptop from university and planned for the last trip of 2018. This time it was Ber Sharif village, which is approximately 35 KM away from Larkana.

Travelling is now the part of blood and would love to continue this even in next year (InnShahAllah). So, the year started with travelling and is going to end on the travelling. That’s the beauty of 2018.

Last but not least, if you have a will to do something, you can definitely do it. No one can stop you doing this. Keep following your passion, be down to earth, socialize with others and learn new things from people’s experience.

Goodbye 2018, and excited to welcome 2019 with more positive energy. And looking forward to many new, exciting and adventurous things. I also would like to share an idea for 2019,

Start your year with an empty jar and fill it with notes of good things that happened to you.

Wish you a Happy New Year!

A memorial day of Graduate Student

A journey that started from Orientation, come to end on Convocation.

In the 4 years journey of the university, many ups and downs came, which made it a roller coaster ride of life. Remembered the first day in university? That face, looking for a classroom, reaching before time, nervous and excited at the same time, and tension of ragging as well. Hope you do, these are few of the things that almost every student face on the first day of their university.

Giving introduction in front of all class, and thinking what impression I left behind, reminds the very first day of university. A room full of students who were Extrovert, Introverts and Ambivert from different backgrounds. They made perception on the basis of dressing, gestures, postures and way of talking, which later appeared to be false. Well, same things continue happening, until and unless they don’t actually interact with each other.

Selfies are the only thing that starts from the one friend and later convert into a group of friends or a couple. A historic fountain of the university was one of the favourite selfie-spot for most of the students. Interacting with seniors was quite difficult but was also exciting at the same time.

SMIU Convocation 2018

So, that’s how this journey officially accelerated. In the journey of four years, three festivals, national and International trips, Ambassador Program, and many high-profile visits amongst many other happenings took place in the university.

After the completion of two years; time ran so fast. Years changed into months, and months changed into weeks and weeks changed into days. And then, finally, a day come which is called “Convocation Day”.

SMIU Convocation 2018

Tears of happiness, smile on faces, aims in hearts, many dreams, and of course phones in hands for selfies. These all things are directly reflected to the student, who spent 4 years of his/her life to an institute from where he/she is officially graduating now. A big day; not only for students but also for parents, guidance and teachers as well. On this day, students wore a gown and cap with an aim to fly it at the end of the ceremony.


On one side, students were happy to receive their degrees. So, on the flip side, parents were also happy to see their offspring receiving the degree. Almost every student introduced friends, colleagues and teachers to their parents.


Students who were awarded gold and silver medals were the ones who scored the highest and second highest CGPA in their academic journey. They made their parents more proud by being the one from their classes.

SMIU Convocation 2018


All the fights, misunderstandings, disappointments, jealousy and ego came to end, after receiving a degree and everyone wished successful career and better future to each other.