5 Steps to Greatness at CFO Conference 2019

It was Tuesday morning when I rushed to PC hotel for the event coverage. The event was CFO Conference, though it was officially for accountants and business related people, but being a media blogger I love to interact and learn new things from people’s experiences.  It’s hard for me to wake up early in the morning and rushing for the conference but it was magnetic power that forced me to run for it.

CFO Conference 2019

Well, after arriving at PC, I became more excited because all my favourite international cricketers were in the lobby, and how could I left this opportunity, but instead of meeting them and asking for a selfie. I ran for marquee where this conference was happening.

CFO Conference 2019

The conference was divided into two parts. In the first part, there were six sessions while in the second part there were four sessions. My favourite part was “5 steps to Greatness”.  In this session, the speaker shared the tips to achieve goals for greatness.

  1. Passion
  2. Leadership
  3. Technological trends
  4. Competition
  5. Vision

CFO Conference 2019

After this, another speaker shared about technological trends. It was also an amazing session because in this part the speaker engaged to the audience by asking questions. He shared the reasons for the downfall of renowned brands.

CFO Conference 2019

Last but not least Anwar Maqsood session was the energizing part for the audience. It was incredible than all. Since the lighter part is also important after gaining so much knowledge and information.

CFO Conference 2019

After the successful conference in Karachi. The management organized the same conference in Islamabad, just after two days of it.

CFO Conference 2019

I believe such kind of conferences should be organized twice or thrice in a year. At one side, they are very knowledgeable and informative. So, on the flip side, the people from the commerce industry can interact with the seniors directly, and learn things from their experiences.

Rise & Fall of Pakistan Drama Industry – PDI

There was a time when Pakistani dramas were considered as the best dramas of sub-continent. Pakistan Drama Industry (PDI) started in 1960s and since the beginning of television, PTV was the only channel to produced Pakistani dramas, and the 1st ever super hit drama was “Khuda Ki Basti” which went on air on PTV in 1969.

After that many super hit dramas were produced including 50-50, Alif Noon, Sona Chandi, Aangan Tehra, Ankahi, Dhoop Kinare, Sunehray Din, and Alpha Bravo Charlie among others.

Surely, it was the rise of PDI, and the golden era of PTV that produced such super hit dramas which made records in the history of Pakistan. But unfortunately, PDI became commercialized after 1990s; and not only forget to produced such quality dramas, but also lost their level at which they were during the decades of 1970s, 80s, & 90s.

It was the downfall of our industry. But soon PEMRA issued licenses to many private channels, and the channels took responsibility to get theirs level back.

And finally HUM TV took one step forward to bring back PDI at their rise. And produced such amazing dramas which not only played a major role to bring our industry level back at rise but also made new records. Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Dastaan, Mera Naseeb, Kankar, Durr e Shehwar, and Dil e Muztar were the dramas which set new records in the drama history of our country.

Now a days, Pakistani dramas are being produced on not only typical themes but also promoting Indian culture in our dramas. And producers are crossing all the limits for the sake of TRPs by broadcasting bold scenes, and adopting Western & Indian culture etc. It seems our industry is going to suffer downfall once again.

If our industry stop showing Indian culture in our dramas, and start promoting our own culture, then our industry will not go at rise but also our culture will be highly promoted across the world.